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We had a great time working with Fogo Azul NYC on their band website redesign.  They not only wanted to update the look of their website, but they also wanted to add some new features and increase their online viability.

Fogo Azul NYC had expanded their brand and their offerings a while back and wanted these changes reflected on their website.  They also wanted to increase the visibility in some of the "lesser" known services their provide.

We took the colors that are prominant in the Brazilian music that they represent and added it through out the new band website redesign.  We also added new features, such as the "See Us Live" page that gives visitors the ability to add upcoming events to their calendars, as well as many other features.  We also highlighted their additional services, such as weddings & celebrations, and parties & festivals.

All through out the band website redesign, we ensured that each page was optimized for search engines.

Within 3 weeks of launch, we had increased the keywords they are ranking for by more than 55, and increased their backlinks by 89.

This website is the perfect example that you can have a beautiful website, and have effective SEO.  



  • 529% increase in visitors
  • 555.7% increase in sessions



Social Media


Organic Results (not paid)

  • 54% increase in page views
  • 129% increase in page likes
  • 102% increase in post engagement
  • 116% increase in page followers


Old home page

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New home page

eCommerce Website Design

See Us Live Page

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Parties & Festivals Page

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Weddings & Celebrations Page

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Marches & Parades Page

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